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We only use the best experts available in any particular field to consider and challenge allegations being made against our clients.

Serious Crime

Most of our clients facing serious criminal allegations were referred to us by former clients and other lawyers. No amount of money can buy such recommendations and we’re proud of the confidence placed in our abilities. A key role of a defence lawyer is to robustly challenge the prosecution evidence. This is an area in which we particularly excel.

We have years of experience to call upon in dealing with DNA, fingerprint and footwear impression evidence as well as evidence derived from the analysis of telephone call data, cell sites, computer hard drives and servers etc.

We also have expertise in dealing with more esoteric types of evidence in areas such as pathological and psychiatric medicine, voice analysis, facial mapping, gait analysis and mass spectral analysis. We only use the best experts available in any particular field to consider and challenge allegations being made against our clients. Our lawyers have over the years successfully challenged police searches and seizures, purported identifications of perpetrators, and supposed confessions in all kinds of cases.

We have defended clients alleged to have been involved in everything from murder to international conspiracies to defraud institutions such as the United Nations

We live by the Law Society’s Code for Advocacy which states:

"Advocates must promote and protect fearlessly and by all proper and lawful means the clients' best interests and do so without regard to their own interests or to any consequences to themselves or to any other person”

We don’t just play – we play to win!

We represent clients across the country. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Our services are available to privately paying and legal aided clients.

Contact us now to discuss matters in the utmost confidence, some of the serious criminal cases in which we’ve been involved include:

  • Conspiracies to commit serious criminal offences
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • People smuggling
  • Death by dangerous or careless driving
  • Importation and supply of drugs etc
  • Firearms and explosives related offences
  • Violent disorder and riot
  • Sexual offences such as rape and trafficking for exploitation
  • Blackmail, kidnap and false imprisonment
  • Armed robbery and aggravated burglary
  • Perverting the course of justice, perjury and witness intimidation etc


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Conspiracy to commit armed robbery
R v G - Northampton Crown Court
Conspiracy to commit aggravated burglaries
R v S - Kingston Crown Court
Conspiracy to defraud
R v L - St Albans Crown Court
Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue
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Conspiracy to supply cocaine