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Representation in the Criminal Courts

It’s a daunting experience facing criminal proceedings and we’re here to advise, assist and represent you. Our client’s never feel isolated because we’re only ever a phone call away – 24 hours a day. With us on your side, you’re never alone.

We represent clients from the first appearing in the Youth or Adult Magistrates Court through to the Crown Court. We also deal with appeals through the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court if necessary.

We adopt an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach and take our lead from an old but extremely important English case, Woolmington v DPP, where it was said:

"Throughout the web of the English Criminal Law one golden thread is always to be seen that it is the duty of the prosecution to prove the prisoner's guilt...No matter what the charge or where the trial, the principle that the prosecution must prove the guilt of the prisoner is part of the common law of England and no attempt to whittle it down can be entertained."

We fearlessly resist any attempts to "whittle down” what is in our mind an inviolate requirement for the prosecution to prove its case. We do what’s right for our clients not what’s easy for us.

Our solicitors and barristers have years of experience to draw upon having represented individuals, businesses and organisations accused of all kinds of offences. We put the same effort into representing everyone – regardless of the seriousness of the allegations being made.

We represent clients across England and Wales and can arrange to meet when it’s convenient for you – including out of normal business hours and on weekends.

We assist individuals in applying for legal aid to fund their cases. If legal aid is unavailable, we also represent clients privately at very competitive rates and if we win your case, we’ll seek to recover your costs.


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