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Some of our cases

R v B - Southwark Crown Court
Conspiracy to commit armed robbery
International criminals involved in stealing £5m in jewellery from specialist couriers.
R v G - Northampton Crown Court
Conspiracy to commit aggravated burglaries
Various businesses robbed by an organised criminal gang.
R v S - Kingston Crown Court
Conspiracy to defraud
The theft of £11m carbon credits from various registries.
R v L - St Albans Crown Court
Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue
Locum doctor accused of overcharging the NHS for his services
R v P - Leicester Crown Court
Conspiracy to supply cocaine
Multi-million pound conspiracy to supply cocaine and launder the proceeds through property transactions.
R v W - Westminster Magistrates Court
Extradition proceedings
Foreign national arrested in England at the behest of the US who sought his extradition for allegedly importing into the US large amounts of pharmaceutical products without authorisation.
R v B - Leicester Crown Court
Conspiracy to import heroin
Importation of £22m heroin into the UK.
R v P - Manchester Crown Court
Money Laundering
The laundering of £4m in cash from criminal activities.
R v L - Nottingham Crown Court
Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis
The large scale commercial production of high grade cannabis.
R v S – Leicester Crown Court
Arson with intent to endanger life
A complicated case involving cutting-edge forensic science stemming from a 5 year police investigation.